How to Improve Balance and Coordination for Seniors & in Elderly, Sebring, FL

One of the most significant elements of learning to get and stay healthy as you age is learning to control your balance. Once you start losing your balance and your ability to move with confidence and security, it is likely that the rest of your physical health will decline as well. That is why I emphasize balance in so many other areas of the physical training I do with my company, Moving with Jac.

I'm Jac Clevreau and I am passionate about teaching senior citizens how to improve balance and flexibility using a variety of tools and exercise techniques focused on efficient and safe improvements.
Post-Operative Care in Sebring Florida
Post-Operative Care in Sebring Florida

Using Balance and Core Exercises for Seniors in Personal Training Programs

Falling and other injuries related to loss of balance are a serious problem for those aged 55 and older. As noted on my Heart Health Page, your body begins losing important muscle mass as early as age 35. By the time you are 75, you will have lost 50% of your skeletal muscle mass, and your lean body mass declines at the same time. (Source

Exercising for balance and core control is essential to slowing or even reversing that muscle loss. Core stability exercises consist of movement and stabilization, and focus on your torso--your abdominal, pelvic, back, and hip muscles. Combining core exercise and physical therapy assistance with leg, knee, ankle, and foot exercises results in a body that is well-balanced and resistant to falls and other injuries. Some of the exercises I teach include:
  • Stretching and warm-up exercises. Improving flexibility means you can take full advantage of the range of motion in your joints and muscles, meaning you have greater control of where and how your body moves.
  • Standing on one foot to exercise. Just standing doesn't feel like 'real' exercise, but this kind of activity is exactly the kind of thing that will help as part of a fall prevention exercise program for the elderly. Even when resting a hand on a nearby stable object-- safety first!--standing on one foot works muscle groups all the way from your leg to your core.
  • Heel-to-toe walking exercise. Walking heel-to-toe in a straight line is a deliberate way of moving your legs to gain greater control, again leading to better balance. By having your own certified personal fitness trainer helping you with exercising at home, you also literally have a hand to hold for safety and stability if this exercise is new or your balance is compromised. Always, safety first!
In addition to the above types of exercise, you can see my other services that involve balance training by visiting my Mobile Personal Trainer Services Page for details.
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If you live in Sebring, Avon Park, or Lake Placid, Florida, and are looking to create, maintain, and master a sense of balance with exercise at home that will carry you well into your later years, call me at Moving With Jac. You can reach me, Jac Clevreau, at (863) 840-2408 or Contact Me here to start moving more confidently and comfortably today!