About Moving With Jac in the Sebring, Florida Area

Hello! I'm Jac Clerveau and I am excited to introduce myself as Sebring, Florida's best resource for education-driven, enthusiastic personal training programs for our senior communities. Best of all, these programs are designed for you and brought directly to your home. My business, Moving With Jac, is a mobile personal training company in which I use my background as a certified physical therapy assistant to bring you the safest and most effective training. I come straight to you, with all the supplies needed to make your treatment convenient and effective.

I am passionate about helping my clients learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep their golden years as active and comfortable as possible.

I am also dedicated to making sure my services are:

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As both a certified physical therapy assistant and a certified personal trainer, I have the education on human anatomy and physiology from physical therapy assistant (PTA) certification (as well as my experience working for years as an actual physical therapy assistant) along with the knowledge of a broad range of personal training exercises to help you:
All tailored to those aged 55 and above.
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Fulfilling a need.
Senior citizens are often overlooked by fitness trainers since building muscle mass is often associated with younger, more athletic populations. This could not be more wrong! The latter years of your life can be so much richer when your physical health is attended to, and I am here to help with exactly that.
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Most physical therapists charge anywhere from $100 - $150 per session.  Once you have fulfilled any postoperative physical therapy appointments and need more help, my sessions are only $40 to $50 per session, depending on the number of sessions you prefer each week. (See my FAQ Page for more details.) If you don't have insurance or have exhausted your plan's physical therapy benefits, I am an affordable option to help you continue to build your strength for everything from post-operative care to heart health
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Exercise is not sustainable if you don't find something you enjoy. I love discovering what my clients find to be most stimulating, and then working alongside them to create fitness programs that make each session something to look forward to. I emphasize energetic, engaging, and interactive programs.
Jac Clerveau | Personal Fitness Trainer, Sebring, FL
Jac Clerveau | Personal Fitness Trainer, Sebring, FL


As someone who brings my work to my clients' homes, here is a little bit about me so you can know who will be coming into your home.  I love volunteering with my local church’s youth program and my family enjoys playing at the beach and at nearby parks.  I respect that I am entering your private space when I come to train with you and hope you feel that respect in each of our interactions. If you're in the Sebring, Florida area, including Avon Park or Lake Placid, I would love to hear from you.

Call (863) 840-2408 or Contact Me today to begin a healthy routine that will bring more joy and less pain and discomfort to this beautiful stage of your life.